Situated on the South-West coast of Sal Island, Cape Verde, Llana Beach Hotels sits between MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa. A prime coastal location, the resort includes 605 suites in total and houses a range of facilities to accommodate the high levels of tourism. Designed with ocean views in mind, the development ensures that every opportunity to optimise its coastal location have been maximised.


The third development on Sal Island by The Resort Group PLC, construction commenced in September 2012 and completed in December 2016.

The story began with the developer’s comprehensive research process, which identified the emerging market of Cape Verde, based on its healthy environmental and political stability as well as long-term economic and touristic growth. Once unencumbered ownership of the prime development land was secured, The Resort Group PLC set about the planning process. Safeguarded from over development, Llana Beach Hotel had to satisfy a number of government regulations in order to establish itself along the white sandy beaches of Sal Island. Protected by strict legislation, developments in Cape Verde must be low level, low density projects in order to preserve the original character of the islands. Equipped with this knowledge and experience from their prior neighbouring developments, The Resort Group PLC were able to ensure that the entire process ran smoothly without any unexpected constraints.


A development that hosts a range of luxury hotel suites, the resort also houses a collection of swim up, infinity and tropical pools, as well as a pool bar, state of the art Techno Gym and YHI Spa. Maximising its offering as an accommodating venue the resort also includes a fully equipped conference centre, a nightclub and a selection of traditional and contemporary bars. Fitting with the adult only layout of the development, a well thought out wedding pavilion capitalises on the destinations rising demand for marital venues. Maximising the offerings to holiday makers, the resort plan ensures that guests are spaciously catered for and will always have access to the facilities they need. The designated “The Level” area offers an additional luxury and personalised service for a higher end holiday experience.


Providing a successful environment for secondary revenue, Llana Beach Hotel has an established hospitality division that ensures every opportunity to welcome and cater for guests has been pursued. An entertainment team, boulevard of shops and a brand new Bikini Beach Club set 40 metres into the Blue Lagoon directly in front of the resort, means that all secondary avenues for investment have been explored, and ensure that investments are well catered for.